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Summary of District of Columbia Laws

Miscellaneous Laws

Licenses to conduct bingo games, raffles, and Monte Carlo night parties.
D.C. Code § 3-1322; DCMR Chapter 30-12

The Law: No person, firm, partnership association, organization or corporation may sponsor, conduct, or hold a bingo game, raffle, or Monte Carlo night party in DC without a license issued by the DC Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board.

In order to hold any of the above, the applicant for a license must meet the following conditions:

Ø Be incorporated in DC as a not for profit corporation, or organized in DC as a religious or not-for profit organization,

Ø Have at least 20 members in good standing (if an association or organization),

Ø Be authorized by its constitution, articles, charter or bylaws to further a lawful purpose in DC,

Ø Operate without profit to partners or members,

Ø Have been in existence for more than one year and;

Ø Permit no part of its net earnings to inure to the benefit of a private shareholder, partner, employee or individual.

For licenses to operate a raffle, the application must include the following:

Ø Name and address of the applicant organization

Ø Type of license

Ø Type of organization

Ø Class of license

Ø Date of application

Ø Whether the organization holds a Letter of Determination from the IRS allowing contributions to be deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes and whether the organization holds a Letter of Determination from the DC Dept. of Finance and Revenue which allows contributions to the organization to be deductible for DC income tax purposes.

Ø How long the organization has been in existence

Ø Whether the organization is currently incorporated as a not-for-profit

Ø Name, address and phone number and date of birth of the member in charge and deputy member in charge

Ø Name, address, phone number and date of birth of the person responsible for utilization of gross receipts

Ø Names and addresses of twenty active members of the organization

Ø For raffle applicants, the price of raffle tickets, number of tickets printed or to be printed, the aggregate value of prizes, the date, time and place of the raffle drawing, and for classes 1-5, a sworn statement of the ticket printed, verifying total number of tickets printed, the first and last number of tickets, and that the tickets were numbered consecutively without duplication.

Ø The lawful purpose for which funds raised from the raffle will be used

Ø Whether the applicant intends to lease premises

Ø The license fees required by the Board and

Ø The constitution or bylaws for the applicant organization.

The class of license applied for depends upon the value of the prizes. A class 1 license costs $200 and there is no limitation on the value of the prizes. It is good for one year from the effective date. A class 2 license costs $100 and is for prizes with value not exceeding $100,000, also good for one year. A class 3 license, also good for one year, covers prize values up to $15,000. A class 4 license is for a prize value not to exceed $3,00 and is good for up to 180 days from the effective date. A class 5 license, also good for 180 days, is for a prize value not to exceed $500.

The Board requires a license bond from a surety agent licensed to do business in the District for each applicant for a license at the time the application is made. The bond is to guarantee the faithful discharge of the duties of the member responsible for gross receipts, payment of expenses, including fees and taxes, and that net proceeds are for a lawful purpose, and that all prizes are awarded. The amount of the bond must be at least 15% above the aggregate value of the prize. (Title 30 DCMR, Section 1200)

The applicant also needs to attach a certificate of good standing from the DC Department of Regulatory and Consumer Affairs. If the prize is donated, you need a letter from the donor stating that the item is an irrevocable gift to the organization. You also need to enclose a sample of the tickets to be printed, and the prize list form, along with a check or money order for the license fee. The application must be notarized, and the application must also include a notarized statement form signed by the member in charge affirming that 30% of the proceeds shall be paid to the organization.

Copies of applications may be obtained from the D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board, 202-645-8071.

On March 7, 2006, the D.C. Council passed the "Monte Carlo Night Party Licensure Amendment Rulemaking Emergency Declaration Approval Resolution of 2006" and numbered 16-577 and 16-578. The resolution states that since non-profit organizations require new methods of raising money, it is necessary to allow the game of Texas Hold' Em to be playable at Monte Carlo Night Parties and is now included as a licensed method of raising money (rather than considering it illegal gambling). Groups seeking to host such events are to contact the D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board, 202-645-8071 and the website is here

Note that in order to hold a *Casino Night/Monte Carlo Night* the organization holding the event must be raising funds for charitable purposes.



DCMR defines raffle as:


Raffle - a lottery, other than that operated by the District, that is conducted pursuant to the Act, in which a prize is won by at least one of numerous persons buying tickets. The winning ticket or tickets are to be chosen by a random draw.


Referance: See DC Code § 1322.0A


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