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Summary of District of Columbia Laws

Miscellaneous Laws

"Sex Offender Registration Act of 1999"

D.C. Law 13-137

The complete rules as promulgated under this law were published in the DC Register, December 22, 2000, Vol. 47, No. 51, p. 10042.

This act establishes a sex offender registration program that authorizes the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (hereinafter Agency) for the District to create and maintain the sex offender registry for the District of Columbia. The Superior Court issues orders certifying who is a sex offender.

The Act also authorizes the Metropolitan Police Department to release sex offender information and notify certain agencies and persons of the location of sex offenders in the District, and to impose reporting and registration requirements on sex offenders. The Department is authorized to carry out active (door-to-door, direct mail, flyers, meetings) and passive (internet postings, makings lists available for inspection at the police station, responding to inquiries through e-mail) notification to the community on sex offenders. With respect to sex offenders who have committed more serious crimes (Class A offenders), data may be released to any person or entity by active notification. Other offenders data may be released by active notification to law enforcement agencies, schools, and other organizations dealing with a vulnerable population, victims and witnesses, and persons the Department believes are at risk.

Note that the Metropolitan Police Department is given the authority to actively release certain data, but also discretion to some extent on the active release. In contrast, the Department is directed by the law to maintain by means of the Internet (passive) information on Class A and Class B offenders.

The Agency is to promptly notify a registration agency in another jurisdiction if the sex offender moves to that jurisdiction, or if the offender works or attends school in another jurisdiction. The sex offender is required to report to the Agency any change in registration information, including changes in address, place of work or school attendance, and changes in the make, model, color or license plate of the motor vehicle the sex offender owns.

See also the federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act.

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