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Family and Medical Leave

DC Parental Leave Act

Employers in the District are required to provide up to 24 hours of leave during any 12-month period to an employee for the purpose of the employee's attendance or participation in school-related events for his or her child. The event must be sponsored by the school or an associated organization such as the PTA, and the child must be a participant in, or subject of the event. For example, the child might be in a school play, or the child might be the subject of a parent-teacher conference.

The employer may deny the leave only if granting the leave would disrupt the employer's business and make the achievement of production or delivery of services unusually difficult. When the need for leave can be foreseen, the employee must request the leave 10 calendar days in advance of the event. The leave will be unpaid leave unless the employee chooses to use vacation leave. An employee taking employer-approved leave under this law should not lose any employment benefit.

Employers must post notices describing this law. A copy of the prescribed notice is available from the Office of Personnel Services. A decision to deny leave under this law should not be finalized without conferring with the Office of Personnel Services. Questions may be referred to the office of Personnel Services or the Office of General Counsel.

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