The Catholic University of America

December 2003

RIAA v. Verizon (see selected case law)
ADA case: Raytheon v. Hernandez (see selected case law)
I-9 checklist
GLB Risk Assessment Tool
AAMC Paper on Diversity
Select Agents Rule
FMLA case Russell v. North Broward Hospital
FERPA and E-Signatures
ERISA Guide: Reporting and Disclosure for Employee Benefit Plans
EEOC Guide: Job Applicants and the Americans with Disabilities Act
SEVIS fees
The State of Fair Use in Academia Today
ACE Advisory Memo on Political Campaign Related Activities
Oct. 2003-2006 DMCA Anti-Circumvention Rule
Affirmative Action White Paper by Larry White

October 2003

HazMat Security Plans

Proposed Regs for ADEA

August 2003

File SoundExchange Forms

Paper on MP3s, P2P files

FERPA and E-signatures

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Brochure

Clarification on Title IX

Final Revisions to A-133

Proposed Rules on COBRA

I-9 Power Point Training

July 2003

IRS Audit announced

University of Michigan Cases decided

May -June 2003

SEVIS: Interim Rule on Documentation of Nonimmigrants under SEVIS

Desert Palace, Inc. v. Costa, No. 02-679, (2003)

Agreement reached on royalty payments for noncommercial educational entities (NEEs)

Nevada Dept. of Human Resources v. Hibbs

EPA Best Management Practices
Locke v. Davey and Mellen v. Bunting

EO13201 Reinstated

April 2003

CUA signs Amicus Brief in Support of Affirmative Action
University of Arizona Web Tutorial on FERPA

College Registrar PowerPoint
EEO Compliance