The Catholic University of America

December 2004

Kahle v. Ashcroft
H-1B and labor cert news

November 2004

Solomon Amendment case
IDEA reauthorization
IRS on dependent
Copyright Video
FERPA and ID numbers
HIPAA for Health Plans
HIPAA training for nurses

September-October 2004

MGM v. Grokster
Klender v. U.S.
F1 students and SSNs
Access Now v. Southwest
Doe v. Ashcroft
Diebold DMCA case
SEVIS Fee Implementation

August 2004

Cuban Assets control
IBM v. Schult
Penn Police v. Suders
Required Distributions from retirement plans
IRB registration
Email as notice
Brown University & NLRB
New ADAAG guidelines
DOL letter on RAs

July 2004

SEVIS fee final rule
U.S. v. Councilman
FCC on unlicensed devices

June 2004

Webcasting form
GAO report/file sharing
COBRA final regs

May 2004

Chichilnisky v. Columbia
SSN mismatch letters
Free Culture
321 Studios v. MGM
Final E-Signature rule
Beck Notice final rule
FLSA overtime rules
Research Misconduct rule
ADEA/retiree exemption

April 2004

ACE File Sharing Report
Achieving Diversity
Employee selection procedures and Internet
University of Washington affirmative action briefs
Legg Mason copyright case
Kramer v. Banc of America
ADEA case

Feb. - March 2004

Student FICA exception
E-file IRS Form 990
Equal Access v. Merten
ERISA Safe Harbor rule
Article on Export Control

Export Administration Reg
Chemical Weapons Regs
GAO report on SSNs
Locke v. Davey
IRS Compliance Guide
Changes in ITIN process
EEOC v. Asplundh
Charitable Contributions of Intellectual Property

January 2004

Proposed Rule on Assignment of SSNs to Foreign Academic Students in F-1 Status

Negotiation Period for Webcasting Rates

HIPAA Unique Identifiers

2004 Adjustments for Pension Plan Contributions and Benefits
FLSA Overtime Regulations
COBRA reg effective date extended
Mental Health Parity Act provisions extended