The Catholic University of America

November-December 2005

EEOC v. Asplundh

IRS Compliance Guide

Qui Tam case on Title IV

FPCO letter

CALEA comments

Digital Archives at UM

HIPAA and health plans

TEACH Act software

Campus Copyright

Compliance and PHS awards

October 2005

Google This

AARP redux

Travel Documents

Excess Benefits

IRS Pub 1771

FAIR brief at S.Ct.


Applicant Records

Wilson v. Delta State

Katrina Aid

September 2005


EEOC ADA guidance

New UC rule

Export Control rule

Taylor v. Progress Energy

Allum v. Commissioner

Christian Legal Society

Human Subject Research

CREATE final rule

Carroll College and UAW

July and August 2005

Pardue v. Center City

Romeo v. Seton Hall

MGM v. Grokster

Financial Aid & Diversity

ESIGN and Benefit Docs

Medicare Notices

Section 108 resources

VoIP E911 rules

Campus Crime Reporting

June 2005

EEOC v. Asplundh

Changes in ITIN process

Scientific Misconduct reg

Exchange Scholar FR

IP Donations

May 2005

PERM rule
EAR proposed rules
Human subject research
Smith v. City of Jackson
H-1B applications
Simpson v. Colorado
HR and HIPAA Security

April 2005

Bayh Dole case

FPCO letter to Cal State

Title IX Guidance

Select Agent final rules

Jackson v. Birmingham

Electronic Databases

Grokster panel podcast

GAO SEVIS report

Governance and 501(c)(3)

February March 2005

CAN SPAM rules

PERM Rules

Smith v. U. Washington

GAO report on FFELP

Veterans' Benefits

409A Compensation Plans

OMB-A-110 streamline

FACT Act Notices

E-filing and taxes

Burt v. Rumsfeld

NIH Research Access
New ADA publications

January 2005

Constitution Day

Cert in Grokster

Sexual Harassment Case

Government K's and AA