The Catholic University of America

January 2006

Anti-Terrorist Guidelines
Title VII cases
New College Board guide
USERRA final rules
Electronic filing of LCAs
Affirmative Action & vets
DC Minimum Wage to $7

February/March 2006

CALEA brief
Deemed Export Licensing
GLB case
UMN web page on privacy
Incentive Bonus
Vehicle Donations
SSN remediation project
Perfect 10 v. Google
Field v. Google

April/May 2006

Rumsfeld v. FAIR
RFRA case
IRS guidance for 2006
NIH grants and tax
BMG Music v. Gonzalez
Flu Pandemic Checklist
CRS Report
Tomic v. Catholic Diocese
FDA and IRBs

June/July 2006

Changes in Visas
CALEA Reply brief
Title IV
Research Data
ITAR/EAR checklist
EEO guidance
Deemed Exports
Ministerial Exception
RCRA and college labs
More on Deemed Exports
ACE v. FCC decision

August 2006

OFFCP Pay Bias Rule
Student Transportation
Supremes on Retaliation
Affirmative Action
E-signatures and I-9s
CALEA Exemption
Fringe Benefit Guide
SSN Mis-Match Letters
Suicide Prevention
Antiboycott Penalties
Visa Review
Background Checks
Patent and IDS

September 2006

Religious Visas
Christian Legal Society
Steere v. GW University
Singh v. GW University
IRS Rev Proc 2006-27
CALEA & private networks
Donor Advised Funds
Fair Use Case
IPEDS data collection
Pension Protection Act
Berkman Copyright Paper

October 2006

ADEA proposed rule
DOD & Export Control

November/December 2006

Political Campaign limits
AAUP report on IRBs
Gannon Redux
Anti-Terrorist Financing
ACE and P2P
Internet Applicants FAQ
IRS 2007 Plan
Rev. Rul. 2006-56
NABL and RevProc 97-14
Compliance Contacts