The Catholic University of America

ADA Guidelines

General Non-Discrimination Requirements

CUA does not discriminate on the basis of disability against a qualified individual with a disability in regard to:

  • recruitment, advertising, and job application procedures;

  • hiring, upgrading, promotion, award of tenure, demotion, transfer, layoff, termination, right of return from layoff, and rehiring;

  • rates of pay or any other form of compensation and changes in compensation;

  • job assignments, job classifications, organizational structures, position descriptions, lines of progression and seniority lists;

  • leaves of absence, sick leave, or any other leave;

  • fringe benefits available by virtue of employment, whether or not administered by the employer;

  • selection and financial support for training, including apprenticeships, professional meetings; conferences and other related activities, and selection for leaves of absence to pursue training;

  • employer sponsored activities, including social and recreational programs; and

  • any other term, condition or privilege of employment.

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