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ADA Guidelines

Answer Guide to Self-Audit Checklist

Determining a Disability Checklist Questions 14-18

14. How are students made aware that the documentation of the disability is the student's responsibility and that the documentation must demonstrate the current need for a modification?

All relevant materials should clearly state that it is the student's responsibility to provide the appropriate documentation of a qualifying disability when requesting modifications. The existence of a disability does not mean that there is a current need for an accommodation. These are two separate determinations and documentation must be provided for both the disability and the current need for an accommodation.

15. Is there a mechanism in place to utilize the university's disabilities experts to evaluate the documentation of a disability? How is the availability of the experts made known to faculty and staff?

Review of disabilities is centralized at CUA. The function and phone number of the Office of Disability Support Services should be provided to all faculty and students, as well as the support staff.

16. Do your materials make clear the process for resolving disputes as to the existence of a disability?

The appeal process for resolving disputes over whether or not a disability exists should be clearly stated in all relevant materials. Please reference the CUA EO Discrimination Complaint Policy and the DSS Guidelines for Filing a Grievance on Discrimation Based upon Disability.

17. Are policies in place to ensure that records related to disabilities are disclosed only to those with a need to know?

Please provide a summary of your procedure/policy for ensuring confidentiality of student records. Note that faculty and other employees of the university do not have a right to know that a student has a disability, or what the disability is. However, when faculty are enlisted in providing an accommodation, faculty may be advised that the accommodation is disability related. There may be exceptions when it is necessary to disclose the nature of the disability to the professor, however, this will be the exception rather than the rule.

18. Have your faculty and adjuncts been provided with guidance about the various disabilities and tips on classroom management of those disabilities? If not, do you perceive a need for this type of training?

Both the Equal Opportunity Office and the Office of Disability Support Services provide training on the ADA.

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