The Catholic University of America

ADA Guidelines

Answer Guide to Self-Audit Checklist

Safety Issues Checklist Questions 50-52

50. What processes or procedures are in place to communicate faculty concerns through the appropriate chain of command to those with a need to know when the faculty member is concerned about a direct threat to or the health or safety of a student?

The faculty member needs to detail their concern to their respective Dean or Dept. Chair, and

the Dean of Students Office when appropriate. See Student Life Resources for Faculty Consultation and Referral.

51. Does the School attempt to eliminate the risk by modification of policies or the provision of auxiliary
aids or services?

If possible, eliminate the risk or lessen the risk by modifications.

52. Are there any activities where safety might become an issue, such as clubs, extracurricular activities, outdoor activities, risky travel?

Review all potential safety issues with ADA compliance in mind.

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