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Physical Accessiblity

ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities, Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Final Rule

69 Fed. Reg. 44083, July 23, 2004 ; Access Board web page with full text of new guidelines

United States Access Board: An independent federal agency created in 1973 to assure access to federally funded facilities.The Board develops and maintains design criteria for the built environment, transit vehicles, telecommunications equipment, and for electronic and information technology. It also provides technical assistance and training on these requirements and on accessible design and continues to enforce accessibility standards that cover federally funded facilities. 

Academic programs Checklist for ADA compliance

ADA-One Quick Check Tool for Compliance

Self-Audit Checklist andAnswers, to help you assess your school's or department's compliance with the ADA. (updated 2/20/09) 

Information Technology and accessibility 

Report of the ARL Joint Task Force on Services to Patrons with Print Disabilities, Nov. 2, 2012.
Excellent guidance for the University community and those who review contracts for the libraries. E-book accessibility may involve as many as three different considerations, the accessibility of the content, the accessibility of the reading platform, and the accessibility of the device. As libraries purchase licenses, there should be a point person ensuring the terms of use of the license do not limit libraries ability to make the material accessible-as accessibility features may not be built ino the vendor platform or the terms and conditions of the license.

This summary also includes an overview of the Hathi Trust decision, status of rulemaking on web page accessibilty, and recommendations for libraries on how to ensure compliance with disability law.

University of Illinois Accessiblity Checklist for web pages (Functional Accessiblity Evaluator)

World Wide Access: Accessible web Design ** 

University of Washington: Access Web ** 

Lectures delivered at the Cornell University Computer Policy and Law program. These lectures cover many topics in the area of information technology and ethics including recent topics such as academic theft on the internet, the problems of unauthorized use of digital materials, accessibility to web pages, computer logs as a FERPA issue and more.


UVA Policy on Recording of Classroom Lectures and Distribution of Course Materials by Students

(includes an exception for students with disabilities)

CUA Office of Disablity Support Services



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