The Catholic University of America

Agreement by Student Employee to
Maintain Confidentiality and Privacy of Student, Faculty, Staff and Other Records




I, __________________________ (print name), understand that in my capacity as a student employee at The Catholic University of America ("CUA"), whether as a work-study student or otherwise, I may have access to confidential and private records of other students, faculty and staff and/or pertaining to the University. I understand that under federal law and University policy, student records are protected from disclosure to third parties unless pursuant to narrow exceptions and that other confidential records must not be disclosed.


I agree to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of all such records during and after my period(s) of employment at CUA. I shall not, directly or indirectly, communicate to any person other than my supervisor, or an individual approved by my supervisor, any information concerning such records. I understand that any such disclosure may be grounds for termination, prohibition of future employment and/or dismissal from CUA.