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The purpose of this Agreement is to provide you, the "Volunteer" with a clear understanding of the purpose and scope of your activities at The Catholic University of America ("University" or "CUA"). To formalize volunteer arrangements, our current legal climate prompts us to provide you with information about some important University policies which are applicable to volunteers, and to obtain your agreement to abide by these policies.

Definition: A "Volunteer" is a person who provides regular services throughout the year without compensation but, who is not a student, an employee in another sector of the University, a member of the Board of Trustees, the Board of Regents, the Board of Governors, or similar CUA alumni organizations.

1. As a volunteer, you agree to comport yourself at the University in a manner consistent with the values and mission of the University and to the norms of conduct appropriate for a Catholic university. Volunteers are also subject to any ethical codes or similar standards of conduct applicable to the division of the University in which they provide volunteer services. For example, volunteers in the Department of Athletics are subject to applicable NCAA rules. Volunteers in some areas such as Children's Education Center are subject to background checks. Volunteers who drive as part of their services must have written authorization by the Office of Risk Management. Students who drive vans to club/recreational sports events must have received training through the Office of Campus Programs.

2. If your volunteer position requires that you be given keys, CUA identification or other University property, you agree that you will return such property upon the request of the volunteer coordinator or other CUA representative when your period of volunteer services ends.

3. As a volunteer, you are free to discontinue your volunteer activities at any time. You do not have an employment relationship with the University. Consequently, you are under no obligation to provide any services to the University. You receive no wages, salary or other compensation and are not eligible for any University benefits, including but not limited to vacation, sick leave, retirement, tuition benefits, disability or workers' compensation insurance, health insurance or unemployment insurance. You must possess your own health, property and auto insurance.

4. As a volunteer, you are not authorized to act in any way on behalf of the University in business matters, including purchasing property, signing contracts, leases or other agreements, hiring or supervising employees or otherwise attempting to bind the University to any agreement. You do not have any authority to speak publicly on behalf of the University.

5. The University reserves the right to terminate volunteer relationships at any time without cause and at its sole discretion.

6. Everyone in the University community, including volunteers, is subject to all University policies, including those on safety and security; sexual harassment and sexual assault; drug and alcohol abuse; a smoke free campus; non­discrimination and equal opportunity. Copies of these policies are available from the Office of Campus Programs. Volunteers should also be aware that they need to familiarize themselves with othe policies of the department in which they volunteer, such as policies on confidentiality of records, conflict of interest and the like.

7. Volunteers are asked to participate in a brief orientation in the department and should discuss the University and the department with the Volunteer Coordinator. Anyquestions or complaints about discrimination should be directed to the Equal Opportunity Officer in McMahon Hall.

By signing this , you acknowledge that you have read this Agreement, understand the terms it contains, and that you agree to abide by them as a condition of your volunteer service at the University.

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