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Summary of District of Columbia Laws

Administrative Procedure

"D.C. Administrative Procedure Act"

DC Code §§2-501 et seq.

The Law:The D.C. Administrative Procedure Act (DCAPA) follows the Model State Administrative Procedure Act, and has some parallels to the federal act. Title I compiles the original DCAPA enacted in 1968 along with a separate act known as the "D.C. Sunshine Act." The Sunshine Act provides the public with the opportunity to participate in various types of District meetings and delineates that transcripts of the meetings are to be kept and made available to the public at a reasonable cost. Title II codifies the DC Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which promotes the disclosure of public access to government information. Title III provides a source for municipal laws and regulations not otherwise codified in the D.C. Code. Title IV covers Open Meetings, and Title V establishes the DC Open Government Office. 




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