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Summary of District of Columbia Laws

Traffic Offenses, Criminal Law, and Misdemeanors

"College and University Campus Security Amendment Act of 1995"

D.C. Code Ann. § 22-3571.01

The Law: The Act designates campus and university special police officers and amends the D.C. Law Enforcement Act of 1953, making laws against assaulting police officers applicable to campus and university special police officers. The Act provides general provisions for the appointment of such special police officers, specifying that those appointed are subject to the applicable rules that apply to the Metropolitan Police Department. To qualify, one must be at least 21 years of age, a citizen of the U.S., of good moral character, approved by the Chief of Police, complete the specified training including a basic firearms course, and complete the Campus Law Enforcement Academy or an equivalent.

The Act makes it unlawful to "assault, resist, oppose, impede, intimidate" or interfere with any police officer, campus or university special police, or member of the fire department without justifiable and excusable cause. It is not justifiable and excusable if the individual had reason to believe that the person was a law enforcement officer.

Other provisions of the Act include: Restrictions, Revocation and Termination of Appointment, Applications, Duration, Uniforms, and Disciplinary Action. For more on the provisions relating to appointment of campus special police officers click here.

Updated 7.19.16 K.S.C.