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Summary of District of Columbia Laws

Traffic Offenses, Criminal Law, and Misdemeanors

Criminal Traffic Offenses

Operating After Revocation/Suspension (OAR/OAS): See D.C. Code Ann. § 50-1403.01

Hit-and-Run Offenses: This includes two separate offenses: leaving after colliding with property damage; and leaving after colliding with personal injury. See D.C. Code Ann. § 50-2201.05c

Reckless Driving: This is described as driving in a manner which is considered a menace to the safety of others. See Swailes v. District of Columbia, 219 A.2d 100 (D.C. 1966); D.C. Code Ann. § 50-2201.04

Excessive Speed (Over 30): Though breaking the speed limit ordinarily imposes only a civil fine, if one breaks the limit by more than 30 mph, it is considered a criminal offense. See D.C. Code Ann. §§ 50-2201.04 (b-1)  and (d);

No Permit: It is a criminal offense to operate without a valid motor vehicle permit issued from the District or another state, or with one that has been expired for more than 90 days. Applicable to D.C. permits only, if a permit has been expired for less than 90 days, only a civil fine will be issued. § 50-1401.01 (d-1) 







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