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Summary of District of Columbia Laws


"Displaced Workers Protection Act of 1994"

D.C. Code Ann. § 32-101 to 32-103

The Law: The Act allows employees to retain employment through a transition employment period when contractors are changed. Present contractors must make the names of the current employees available to prospective contractors, including the date each employee was hired and their occupation classification. The new contractor must retain the covered employees for a 90-day transition period if employed by the previous contractor for the preceding eight (8) months or longer at the site(s) covered by the contract. Retention will depend upon a seniority system and the new contractor must maintain a preferential hiring list.

The Act applies to employees hired by a contractor as food service workers or janitors, building maintenance services, and nonprofessional employees performing health care or related support services. However, it does not apply to employees employed less than 15 hours per week or employed in an executive, administrative, or professional capacity.








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