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 Summary of DC Laws 



Fair Credit in Employment Amendment Act of 2016


Employers must consider a person’s employment application without asking about the applicant’s credit information or requiring the applicant to submit their credit information. This means that employers may not directly or indirectly require, request, suggest, ask, use, accept, refer to, or inquire into an applicant’s credit information. Thus, if the employer receives an applicant’s credit information without asking, the employer may not rely on such information in making the employment decision

There is an exception for employees who require a security clearance under DC law; where the position would require access to personal financial information, and where the applicant is applying for a position as a campus police officer, among other exceptions. 

Penalties are $1,000 for the first violation;  $2,500 for the 2nd violation; and  $5,000 for each subsequent violation.





Fair Credit in Employment Act Fact Sheet (10-5-17)