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Summary of District of Columbia Laws


The Sustainable DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2014, DC Act 20-385 (contains Transit Benefits)**

As of January 01, 2016 all employers with 20 or more employees must provide one of the following 3 transit benefits to their employees: 

1) Employee-Paid Pre-Tax Benefit: Employees have an option to set aside $260* per month in pre-tax funds through their paycheck each month for their transit or vanpool expeneses of $220 per month for parking expenses. 

2) Employer-Paid Direct Benefit: Employers subsidize the employee’s transit costs up to $260 per month for transit or vanpool or $20 per month for bicycling benefits.

3) Employer Provided Transportation: Employer-provided transportation service can include vanpools from outside of DC limits or shuttles from Metro stations, Park and Rides, major hubs or anywhere else employees are commuting.

 Employers need to notify their employees of the commuter benefits and provide information on how to apply for and receive the benefit. Enrollment cannot be limited to the regular open enrollment period. 


Employee Notice for the Sustainable DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2014

DC Commuter Benefits Law (PPT)

Employer Commuter Benefits Tool Kit 

 *Amount is tied to the maximum amount of a fringe benefit that may be deducted from an employee's gross income in compliance with section 132(f) of the IRS (26 USC 132(f). $260 is the amount for 2018.  



updated 10-2-18 mlo


write up courtesy of Andrew Miller, CUA Law