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Summary of District of Columbia Laws


Unemployed Anti-Discrimination Act of 2012.

This law prohibits discrimination against an applicant for a job based upon their status as someone who is unemployed. Employers may require professional accreditation and any necessary work experience.

Civil penalties apply. There is no private right of action under this law, but complaints may be filed with the DC Office of Human Rights.Penalties range from $1,000 per claimant for a first violation; for a second violation, $ 5,000 per claimant; and for each subsequent violation, $10,000 per claimant.  Civil penalty are capped at a total of $20,000 per violation. Any penalty collected by the OHR will be distributed among any employee or potential employee who filed a claim regarding a violation of the Act.

The act was adopted March 19, 2012 and will be effective May 2012.

See the Jackson Lewis article titled Discrimination against unemployed job applicants is prohibited by new District of Columbia law, dated 4/18/2012.









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