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Summary of District of Columbia Laws


Environmental Impact Statements

D.C. Code Ann. §§ 8-109.01 to 8-109.12

The Law: The law empowers the Mayor or other authorized personnel to require that alternative action or mitigating measures be taken by those completing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) if the project's purpose can be accomplished while minimizing adverse environmental effects. The EIS requirement applies to any actions which are a new project taken by the District or a project involving a lease, license, permit or other permission.

The EIS must be prepared at least 60 days prior to the implementation of a proposed major action (with exceptions). The EIS must describe and sometimes analyze a various number of issues as outlined in D.C. Code Ann. § 8-109.03. Generally this includes goals, adverse environmental impacts, alternatives, commitment of resources involved, response to comments, etc. A supplemental EIS (SEIS) may be required if a substantial change is made in the proposed action that would alter environmental concerns. See D.C. Code Ann. § 8-109.05.

Exemptions: No EIS must be prepared if an EIS has already been done to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and it has been determined that no impact statement is required. Nor is an EIS required if only a request was made for funds that is only a feasibility or planning study for possible future action but the project is not yet going forward. For other exemptions see D.C. Code Ann. § 8-109.06.


DCRA on Environmental Review Permits


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