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Summary of District of Columbia Laws


This Summary of District of Columbia Laws is an attempt to list and identify District of Columbia (D.C.) laws that affect a private institution of higher education. Our intent was to design a quick reference guide for the CUA Office of General Counsel and, therefore, this document is not necessarily written for the lay person. It is a reference tool, rather than an exhaustive listing of the law. Inclusion of case law is sporadic. Links to Web sites of interest are included as well on a limited basis.

Wherever possible, a brief description of each law is also included, as well as its significance to an institution of higher education, if same is not obvious from the summary. Reference is also made, where appropriate, to federal laws with links to our Summary of Federal Laws Governing Independent Colleges and Universities, where available.

As the law is always dependent upon the facts of the situation, this document should not be substituted for legal advice of counsel, nor should it be relied upon for the law or analysis thereof.


The District of Columbia Practice Manual, Volumes 1 and 2, 6th ed. (1997), 8th ed (1999), and 9th ed. (2000).

The District of Columbia Bar, Communications Office, 1250 H Street, N.W. Sixth Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005-5937, (202) 638-1501.

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