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Summary of District of Columbia Laws

Miscellaneous Laws

Day Care

D.C. Code Ann. § 4-401 et seq.

The Law: The Code authorizes the Department of Human Services to provide day care services for approved parents and children with determined cost and payment schedules. It allows the Department to contract with licensed child development centers to provide day care for the approved children and sets guidelines and standards for in-home care. The law requires any child development center or child development home that contracts with the Department to comply with the Child Development Facilities Regulations.

The regulations require all facilities, either directly or indirectly operating a child development facility, to first obtain a license which states the name and address of the premises/facility, the name of the licensee, and the maximum number of infants and children to be accommodated. The regulations also include staffing and health requirements.

Recordkeeping: The regulations require records to be kept by the director/caregiver for three (3) years and must be made available to the Mayor for inspection. Records should include where the parents/guardian of each child can be reached at all times and additional information upon registration. Registration information must include: the child's name in full; date of admission; sex; birth date; home address and phone number; parents full name, business address and phone number; designation of individuals authorized to retrieve the infant or child at the end of the session; emergency contact numbers if parent is unavailable; and date and reason for withdrawal. Health records, personnel actions, and employee records should also be maintained.






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