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Summary of District of Columbia Laws

Miscellaneous Laws

Nurses Training Corps

D.C. Code Ann. § 38-1501 et seq.

The Law: This provision of the Code establishes a "Nurses Training Corps" in the District which provides financial aid to residents of the District who wish to obtain a Licensed Practical Nurse certificate or Associate of Arts degree of Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Financial aid may be supplied for books and supplies, transportation, child care, or in the form of a stipend. In exchange, the student must contract for a specified number of years to work for the D.C. General Hospital, the Department of Human Services, the Office on Aging, or other District agency or facility deemed appropriate.

To qualify for the Corps, a student must be a resident of the District for at least two (2) years before applying, have an interest in nursing and public service in nursing, financial need, and be admitted to an accredited nursing program in the District.

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