The Catholic University of America

National Association of College and University Attorneys                               June 19, 2014 | Vol. 12 No. 6



Jessie Brown

Will Versfelt



The legality - and morality - of compulsory vaccination are hardly new issues, but they rarely stray far from public consciousness.  Most attention regarding vaccination requirements is paid to children who attend elementary, middle, and high school, as most vaccinations are given to young people. But the issue of compulsory vaccination also affects institutions of higher education.  Colleges and universities, both public and private, must grapple with laws concerning student vaccinations.  This NACUANOTE will first describe the current legal landscape, with particular emphasis on the various types of exemptions from compulsory vaccination laws.  It will then address how to balance legal compliance concerns with institutions' interests in community safety and student well-being. Read More.