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For faculty in their capacity as users of intellectual property created by others

In addition to the Policies above, all faculty are required to read the CUA Copyright Guidelines
which spell out how to comply with the CUA's Copyright Policy.

Guidance for Use of Video for Class Instruction (Nov. 30, 2015)-contains guidance on both use of videos in class and online, and includes a new resource licensed by the Library.

Copyright Slider: An interactive version of the public domain/copyright status chart. If you move the arrow on the page to the date and conditions on publication, the boxes on the left will give you information on whether or not permission is needed for use of the work. This document can be modified for use at your institution by adding contact information, or it can simply be posted as is. Click on the Creative Commons license at the bottom left for more information.

The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education: Published by American University's Center for Social Media: A new guide to fair use, issued in November 2008. The guide offers free advice to professors who wish to incorporate moving image media; sound media, images, web sites and all other types of media into their lecutures. This guide identifies five principles that represent the media literacy education community's current consensus about acceptable practices for the fair use of copyrighted materials. The guide was created with the assistance of more than 150 educators, and reviewed by a panel of lawyers who are experts in fair use.

Know your Copyrights: Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Web Page on using copyrighted works in the academic setting. This is a great new resource that features questions and answers, a brochure for faculty and teaching assistants, and a section on planning campus outreach. The brochure can be purchased in print form from the ARL, but can also be accessed on the web site, and may be customized for use on your own campus pursuant to a Creative Commons license.


For faculty in their capacity as creators of intellectual property

Keep Your Copyrights: A Resource for Creators was developed by the Kernochan Center for Law, Media, and the Arts and the Program on Law & Technology at Columbia Law School.

Scholars Copyright Addendum Engine: Allows user to generate a PDF form that can be attached to a journal publisher's copyright agreement. This form allows faculty to retain certain intellectual property rights.

SPARC Author Resources: This page is offered by the Scholary Publishing and Academic Resources Coaltion.

Other Resources, including copyright tutorials

Copyright Crash Course: Georgia Harper's new Copyright Crash Course:. Excellent graphics and a very clean layout that makes the site easy to use. Also updated to inlcude links to blogs and more. A key resource for faculty.

Copyright  Brigham Young University
This comprehensive web page includes movies, modules, case studies and more. The topics are basic copyright, fair use, and scenarios that arise on campus.

Copyright Guidelines for Exhibiting Movies and Other Audiovisual Works: This outline and flow chart were created by Steve McDonald, General Counsel at Rhode Island School of Design, and are used with his permission.

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