The Catholic University of America


Assumption of Risk and Liability Release


After reviewing this form, please fill out all information and place your signature where required, authorizing your participation in the _________________ program at/through The Catholic University of America.




Student’s Name____________________________________________________


City_____________________________                    Zip Code_______________

Home Phone______________________                    Local Phone(s)                        


I, __________________________assume the risks of personal injury and/or property damage in participating in the Program of _______________________ (“Program”) at The Catholic University of America (“CUA”).  I understand that any violation of campus rules may result in termination of my attendance in the program and/or judicial charges. 


I hereby release any and all rights for claims and damages I may have against CUA, its trustees, officers, employees and agents, including faculty, staff members and supervisors, in any manner due to any personal injury or property loss sustained by me as a result of my traveling to and from the Program’s destination(s) and/or my participation in the activities associated with the program, including any activities I may engage in during my free time while participating on the Program.  I will not hold CUA responsible for liability for injury or damages arising from the result of my participation in this Program unless it is due to willful or intentional misconduct or negligence on the part of CUA. 


I hereby give permission for the staff members coordinating the Program to authorize emergency medical care on my behalf, if necessary, while participating in the Program.


I am fully qualified to meet the physical and technical requirements necessary to participate in this program.  I am at least 18 years old and I enter this agreement voluntarily.


Student Signature________________________________Date____________________


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Signature of Parent/Guardian if participant is not at least 18 years old:



Parent’s Name___________________________________________________________

Parent’s Telephone Number ________________________________________________

Parent’s Address_________________________________________________________   


NOTE:  If you currently have a condition (i.e. medical, disability or other issues) that will require accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact the faculty member who is leading the trip and also meet with Disability Support Services in order to ensure that accommodations can be made in order for you to be able to participate fully. The University will make every effort to make the trip fully accessible.  However, some elements may be out of the control of CUA and therefore, alternative options must be discussed with the staff member and DSS.