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Off Campus Travel Information for Faculty

Nota Bene:

Please check with your Dean or Department Chair for process questions particular to your travel and any special approval that may be required. This web page is meant only to address typical legal risk issues that arise with respect to off campus travel. Questions not answered on these pages should be directed to the Office of General Counsel (if a legal question) or the Office of Risk Management (if an insurance or risk question.)

The following headings will take you to a question and answer page that will address items such as waivers and releases (and when needed), transportation arrangements, emergency plans and other helpful information.

Local Travel: Academic Field Trips Near Campus

Travel Outside the DC Metro Area (up to 250 miles away)

Travel Beyond the 250 Miles

Education and Travel Abroad

With questions or concerns regarding a planned education abroad program (semester/year long), faculty and staff may contact Grace Schneider, Acting Director of Education Abroad. Required forms as well as additional resources are located on the CUAbroad web site.

CUA faculty or staff members planning short-term (i.e. spring break or winter) or summer programs abroad (for credit or non-credit) involving either CUA students or non-CUA students should contact the Center for Global Education and speak with Mario Ortiz, Associate Provost for International Affairs.  

Waivers and Releases: This page includes a general waiver and release for off campus, but also includes waivers for certain on campus activities.

Pointers for Faculty on Legal Liability in Global Education Programs (updated 3/11/09)


updated 2-26-14