The Catholic University of America

Summary of Federal Laws

Miscellaneous Laws Affecting Universities

The Federal Trade Commission Act

15 U.S.C. § 41 et seq. 16 CFR Part 1

Prohibits unfair methods of competition. The FTC also works to promote consumer protection. The FTC regulations include the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 









Fed. Govt. Launchs New System to Gather Complaints from Military Veterans, Servicemembers Regarding Higher Education Institutions (Jan. 2014)

The FTC announced new tips to help servicemembers, veterans, and their families choose a higher education institution that complements their education goals. The guidance and new student complaint process are part of the Improving Transparency of Education Opportunities for Veterans Act of 2012. This act requires the FTC and other agencies to partner with the VA to improve outreach and transparency regarding the quality of instruction, recruiting practices, and post-graduate employment by institutes of higher learning.



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