The Catholic University of America

Summary of Federal Laws


This Summary of Federal Laws is an attempt to list and identify all federal laws that impose an "affirmative ministerial duty" on a private institution of higher education. Our intent was to design a quick reference guide for the CUA Office of General Counsel and, thus, the document is not necessarily written for the lay person. It is a handy reference tool, rather than an exhaustive listing of the law. Inclusion of case law is sporadic. In general, we have included recent and landmark cases of interest to our office. Links to actual documents or Web sites of interest are included as well.

For each law listed, an attempt was made to include cites to the United States Code (U.S.C.), the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.), and the Federal Register (Fed. Reg.) (which contains regulations as promulgated with interpretive commentary), as well as formal and informal policy guidance issued by various federal agencies. A brief description of each law is also included, as well as its significance to an institution of higher education, if same is not obvious from the summary.

At the end of this Summary of Federal Laws is a list of the Web sites that we found to be most useful in attempting to capture the law as it currently stands in the field of higher education. As the law is always dependent upon the facts of the situation, this document should not be substituted for legal advice of counsel, nor should it be relied upon for the law or analysis thereof.

Note, also, that compliance with federal law may not be sufficient for compliance with potentially greater or different requirements under state law. Remember to check state law where applicable.



updated 1-8-18