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Registration under the Military Selective Service Act

50 U.S.C. Appendix § 453 et seq.; 34 C.F.R. § 668.37

This law requires every male citizen of the United States, and all male immigrants residing in the U.S., to register for selective service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Submission of registration information may be provided as soon as the male turns 17 years old. Permanent residents who start living in the U.S. when they are at least 18, but not yet 26 years old, must register within 30 days of becoming a resident. F-1 and J-1 students do not register. Registration can be accomplished on-line at

Failure to register will affect eligibility to receive federal financial aid. In order to receive any grant, loan or work assistance under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, the student must file a statement of compliance with the registration requirements. See 34 C.F.R. § 668.37 for the regulations on student eligibility for Title IV funds based on selective service registration.

When a student applies for financial aid, the Secretary of the Department of Education determines, using a data match with the Selective Service, whether the student has registered. The Secretary reports the results of the data match to the student and the institution the student is attending. If confirmation is not received, the student can establish registration, or that he was not required to be registered, or that he meets one of the allowable reasons for not having registered as set forth in 34 C.F.R. § 668.37(d). The institution must give the student 30 days, or until the end of the award year, whichever is later, to provide evidence to establish the above.




Students and Financial Aid Officers

Student Finanical Aid Handbook on Selective Service


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