The Catholic University of America


It is the policy of XXXXX College to comply with all applicable laws with respect to payment of wages and benefits to employees including laws such as the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the Iowa Wage Payment Collection Act. XXXXX College will not make pay deductions that violate either the federal or state laws.

Any employee who believes that XXXXX College has made an inappropriate deduction or has failed to make proper payment regarding wages or benefits is encouraged to immediately consult with the appropriate supervisor. Alternatively, any employee may file a formal written complaint with the Director of Human Resources. Within 15 business days of receiving the complaint, the Director of Human Resources will make a determination as to whether the pay deductionswere appropriate and provide the employee with a written response that may include reimbursement for any pay deductions that were not appropriately made. This complaint procedure is available in addition to any other complaint process which also may be available to employees.

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