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Welcome to the FERPA section of our webpage. This front page will reflect our most current information on federal student records law affecting educational institutions.

Draft August 18, 2015 Dear Colleague Letter on when release of medical records is allowed, in the context of Title IX litigation.

See the DOE blog post on this letter seeking comment. The fact situation in this case involved a request for a litigation hold from the plaintiff and her attorney in a Title IX case. The fact situation is disputed, and media reports have in some instances made it difficult to understand the context in which this issue arose. Conclusions based upon media reports or policy changes based upon the DOE letter at this point in time would be likely be premature. 

June 8, 2015 letter from DOE Chief Privacy Officer Kathleen Styles on FERPA and its relation to treatment records

DCL ID: GEN-15-18 Protecting Student Information, dated July 29, 2015. A reminder that despite all the federal government privacy breaches, schools remain on the hook for protecting student records, especially financial aid information, including for any third party servicers under contract with the school.