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Welcome to the FERPA section of our webpage. This front page will reflect our most current information on federal student records law affecting educational institutions.

 Privacy Technical Assistance Center: New web page: Some focus on postsecondary but much is on K-12. 

ACCRAO Guidance on Transcript Disciplinary Notations, June 2017

It is a common practice of registrar professionals to place notations on transcripts when a student has a required separation from, and is deemed ineligible to enroll in, an institution for not meeting minimum academic standards. This Guidance recommends that this same practice be followed when there is a required student separation from an institution for behavioral or other reasons. This includes providing notice of serious misconduct to insitutions to which the student may wish to transfer. Includes guidance on what to do when a disciplinary matter is pending. 

Integrated Data Systems and Student Privacy, Guidance by PTAC, January 2017.

Guidance on the Use of Financial Aid Information for Program Evaluation and Research, Guidance by PTAC, January 2017.