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NCAA Pregnant and Parenting Student Athletes Handbook: Contains resources and model policies.

Consumer Information for Students

Required Title IV and Title IX Disclosures

This web page includes links to CUA specific information on Financial Aid, Academic Program, Fees and Expenses, FERPA, Campus Security and other required disclosures under Title IV of the Higher Education Act and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. 

Global Education

NACUANOTES: Boots on the Ground: Opening an Office in a Foreign Country


NACUANOTES: Whose room is it anyway? Lawful entry and search of student dormitory rooms.

College and university students have strong expectations of privacy about their dormitory rooms, which they perceive - and courts have come to recognize - as the student's "home away from home."  At the same time, however, college and university officials frequently have legitimate reasons to enter and search a student's room.

Mental Health

A Guide to Mental Health Action Planning
**March 2012 Publication by the JED Foundation

Framework for Developing Institutional Protocols for the Acutely Distressed or Suicidal College Student This July 2006 was prepared with the help of the American College Health Association, the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors, College Student Educators International, and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.

Safety Issues

Prevention of Bullying in Schools, Colleges and Universities, American Educational Research Association, 2013. The report includes eleven sections, including sections devoted to gender-related harassment and bullying, bullying and harassment on college campuses, and using evidence-based programs to address bullying.

NACUANOTES January 15, 2013: Student Conduct Issues During Study Abroad Programming


NACUANOTES August 25, 2010 Safety, Missing Students and FIre Reporting Requirements of the Higher Education Opportunity Act

Safety in Student Transportation: A 35 page resource guide published jointly by the American Council on Education (ACE), the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and United Educators Insurance (UE). 

NACUANOTES: Student Criminal Background Checks

Report of the May 2006 AAMC Criminal Background Check Advisory Committee

In response to inquiries by medical school administrators seeking guidance regarding criminal background checks of medical school applicants and enrolled medical students, the AAMC Group on Student Affairs (GSA) developed a comprehensive set of recommendations for consideration by the AAMC Governance. In June of 2005, the AAMC Executive Council approved the recommendation that a criminal background check be completed on all applicants accepted annually to medical school. The May 2006 report, which was approved by AAMC Executive Council in June, contains recommendations on how to implement the background checks. AAMC will develop and administer a centralized system for background checks on accepted students. The report recommends that the check be done on students before they matriculate, but after the interview and acceptance process. The role of schools will be to develop policies and procedures on how to handle the information obtained on students who do not have a spotless background check. Full implementation of the system is several years in the future. 

SAFETI Clearinghouse: Center for Global Education 

 Field Trip and Field Research Safety and Risk Management Guidelines (ASU)

Social Media

NACUANOTES March 16, 2011 Managing Student Speech on Social Media



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